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Lose Weight

Managing Carbs and Calories to Reduce Fat

belly-fatEveryone is talking about lowering carbs to burn fat, but what about calories? Calories are important too and most high carb foods are also high in calories. The important thing is to eat nutrient rich food like vegetables and low glycemic fruit with the right balance of protein and high fiber carbs.

SUGARDOWN® can prevent up to 40% of carbs and sugar from being digested and turned into fat. The excess carbs and sugar leave the body through the digestive track because of the fiber in SUGARDOWN® tablets. This process also reduces the amount of calories consumed.

Weight Loss Means Creating the Right Balance

The average American eats too many high carb foods like bread, cereal, pastries, pasta and fast foods. Carbohydrate rich food is usually high in calories and low in nutrition. To create a healthy, nutrient rich diet that supports weight loss and lower blood sugar the largest portion of our food needs to be low-glycemic vegetables and fruits.

It can be difficult to change eating habits. SUGARDOWN® can help this process by reducing the amount of carbs that are turned into glucose. As your body adjusts to this lower carb impact you will feel less cravings for high carb foods and can begin to make healthier choices.

Better Food Pyramid

Natural Food VS Processed Food

Nutrient Rich Diet: Low in salt, sugar & carbs + Balanced Omg3/Omg6 = Weight Loss

  • Natural food
  • Less processed
  • Lower carb
  • Small amount of healthy fats
  • Less sugar

Nutrient Poor Diet: High in salt, sugar & carbs + Trans-fat & saturated fat = Weight Gain

  • Processed foods
  • Fast Foods
  • High carb, high fat diet
  • Too many sweets

Finding the Right Exercise

The best exercise is the one you will do consistently because you like doing it. Whatever gets you moving more than you are right now is the corridor-749475_1920right place to start. It may be just walking up and down stairs and hallways more, or you might try a class or exercise video. Just start moving more and increase what you do a little more each week.

Movement increases heart rate and breathing which allows more oxygen to circulate in your blood, and it burns calories. Muscle strengthening and toning helps to burn more fat. It’s all part of a healthy lifestyle that you will find easier to create once you have more energy. Lowering carbs and blood sugar levels will improve your energy.

Using SUGARDOWN® before high carb meals can improve your energy – ORDER HERE


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