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Travelling and Other Lifestyle Issues

Travelling with Diabetes

What are the special things you do when planning your trip when either you or someone you know has diabetes? What happens when you learn that you have diabetes while travelling  The list of items to pack can be a little lengthy from extra test strips, needles, insulin pens, glucose gels, chewables, alcohol swabs, sensors, etc.

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Diabetes and your feet

Many of those affected by diabetes will develop foot problems related to the disease. One such example is neuropathy, which can cause a person to lose the ability to feel pain, heat and cold. Those suffering from neuropathy may become unaware of cuts, scrapes and blisters.

Diabetes also often leads to skin changes and dryness. There is also a greater chance of having calluses. Ulcers are often caused if the shoes do not properly fit. Another concern is poor circulation.

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Finding the Right Diabetes Healthcare Team

To stay alert about your health needs, you need to know and develop your health team. You need to develop a support system, including a primary care physician or endcrinologist (diabetes specialist), nurse, certified diabetes educator (CDE), ophthalmologist, and even a nutritionist and exercise physiologist.

* Make sure to speak up.

* Be prepared with clear goals and numbers.

* Ask your most important questions right away.

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Diabetes-Friendly Shoes Can Be Stylish Too

It is still possible to stay in style with new diabetes friendly shoes. Eleanor Leinen, designer of the shoes, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2003. Women have been looking for a healthier alternative for some time and these shoes provide just that. They are more fun, fancy, and glamorous.

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