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Tired of Dieting? Try Better Health

try better healthDo you feel like you’ve tried everything, and the results just don’t last? Maybe you’ve bounced from one diet to another trying to find the right fit. Or maybe you’ve been doing all the ‘right things’ for a long time but getting the wrong results. Feeling like a loser when you’re not losing? You may need to switch your focus to better health instead of weight loss.

The struggle with weight or dietary problems is not a happy place to be, but it’s the common experience of many people. It doesn’t seem fair that some people are naturally thin and others are not. But wait, just because someone is thin does not mean they are healthy. There are plenty of thin people who have high blood sugar, high cholesterol, heart disease and other issues commonly associated with weight problems. So, what does that mean?

Thin vs Heavy – Who Wins?

Winning is not related to weight; it’s related to a healthy lifestyle. We tend to obsess over what we look like in a bathing suit rather than thinking about our long term health. Stressing over weight while trying one diet after another has been proven to be a failing weight loss strategy and even worse, it’s bad for your mental, physical and emotional health.  But don’t give up – there is a way forward.

Try these four strategies to create a new outlook toward your dietary issues:

  • Re-frame your thinking toward better health instead of weight loss
  • Create a happy relationship with food
  • Find fun ways to be more active
  • Involve friends or family in your health quest

Better Health Instead of Weight Loss

Improving your health involves all the things that will help you lose weight anyway, but it’s a more positive approach. Your subconscious mind does not want to lose anything – it wants to gain health, happiness and longevity because it’s geared toward survival. You will feel emotionally better about your choices when you focus on gaining health instead of depriving yourself to lose weight.

Happy Food Relationship

Food is an expression of the love and abundance of the universe. It’s meant to be good for you, so it’s okay to love food. There are a multitude of reasons why our relationship with food sometimes becomes unbalanced and unhealthy. Everyone is an emotional eater sometimes, but for people who struggle with weight issues it’s especially important to understand your emotional relationship with food. For more info on this topic check out this book: Eat Q: Unlock the Weight-Loss Power of Emotional Intelligence

Fun Ways to be More Active and Involve Others

This might mean trying new things or getting back into an activity you’ve enjoyed in the past. Either way, it will help to have others involved who can encourage and motivate you. People who share your interest in becoming healthier will make the best activity partners. Consider joining or starting a healthy lifestyle support group. Also check out this post: 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Activity 

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