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Testimonials about SugarDown®

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“I’d like to say it kind of feels like going through the first two weeks of a Low Carb Diet without changing your diet – with respect to sugar impact or lack thereof. Energy level is much more consistent and not as impacted by meals – highs and lows much less dramatic. I’ve been sleeping better too – late eating does not have such an impact. At 37 years old- and still used to having a few drinks each day – its changing my drinking pattern a bit too – I’m more content with less drinks but also don’t feel quite impacted by them.”  – Kyle, Connecticut

“The most important thing SUGARDOWN® does for me is that it helps me to maintain a lower carb diet. I try to eat healthy all the time, but sometimes I have to eat what other people make at social events, and sometimes I’m traveling and there’s not much choice except fast food. With SUGARDOWN® in my purse I know I don’t have to go hungry in these situations but I also don’t have to break my diet. I eat less and have good digestion because the tablets have fiber. I’ve been able to lose weight and lower my cholesterol because of using SUGARDOWN®.” – Cheryl, Florida

“I really believe you guys have something here that can help a lot of people. It doesn’t seem to push my sugar down, but keeps it from going up. Great stuff!”  – Christopher, Massachusetts

“Last night after taking one tablet of SUGARDOWN® 30 minutes before dinner, my 2 hr. post-meal blood sugar level was 100, the lowest post-meal level I’ve had. And this was after eating at a restaurant, eating about 20 more grams of carbs than I’m supposed to have at a meal. I’ll need another bottle before my trip next month!” – Kristen, California

“The berry flavor is really good…kind of like a fruity candy so it’s easy to keep taking. It helps keep my after meal glucose around 160-180. Usually it goes up to the low 300’s after meals.” – Pimol, New Hampshire

“I have noticed after 10 days of taking 4-6 tablets/day of SUGARDOWN® that my digestion is much better as well as overall improvement of my intestinal functions. I highly recommend SUGARDOWN® product to everybody, even if you do not a have a high sugar (diabetic) problem.” – Carlos, Florida

40femalecauc“My father has a difficult time managing his sugar level. His sugar still goes up really high after eating, since he eats a lot of white rice. His sugar is usually around 140 before eating, and goes up quickly to 350-380 after a meal. At lunch last week he checked his sugar before eating and it was 168. He ate one and a half tablets of SUGARDOWN just before eating. Then he checked his sugar level 60 minutes after eating and it was 174. He has been taking SUGARDOWN for 3 months and it has the same effect every time. Thank you for your amazing product.” – Jackie, New York

“I use SUGARDOWN® as part of my “Low Carb” lifestyle. In general, I eat very few carbs, getting them mostly from vegetables, dairy & nuts. I generally allow myself to indulge a bit on the weekends – that helps me maintain this lifestyle. I use Sugardown for those times when I know I will be having carbs, especially those that may trigger an insulin response, to help me maintain my blood sugar levels, and keep my weight constant. Since I am not diabetic, I don’t check my own blood glucose, I can only say that I have been able to occasionally indulge and maintain my weight, while using Sugardown. I’m happy with my results, thus far, and will continue to use SUGARDOWN® for this purpose. Thanks!”  – Kim, New Hampshire

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