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Celebrate Father’s Day in Good Health

Portrait of a father and his daughter having fun outdoors
It’s time to celebrate fathers for the life they have given us and for their unique contribution to the family. To have a father who loves you and is involved in your life is priceless. So we wish a very heartfelt HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the Dad’s out there! Here’s a gift you can give your dad if he struggles with high blood sugar, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or is just trying to cut ba...
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10 Best Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

permanent weight loss
Are you a yo-yo diet junkie? Have you tried every weight loss program out there with high hopes only to be let down? Permanent weight loss requires healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick with. It's a slower process that requires a different mindset. Many people give up too soon because they are focused on immediate results. Reversing Weight Gain If you think of weight loss as a process of ...
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Amazon Review Promo

Hey folks. Here's your chance to get SugarDown for for a BUCK! Yup, that's $1. Starting tonight (4/22/16) at midnight, we begin our Amazon Review Promo. Go to Amazon, search "sugardown", and use PROMO CODE: SDDOLLAR. Rate and Review Our Product Why are we giving it away? We need Amazon reviews. Its that simple! Get your bottle for a buck and please commit to giving us a review within 15 days of...
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Move Beyond the Desk Job and Exercise Routine

Move beyond desk
How many hours a day do you sit? Research shows that people who stand and move more throughout the day have a reduced risk of premature aging. Standing and moving as opposed to sitting for long periods, also reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and being overweight. Have you started counting those sitting hours yet? You sit in your car driving to work, sit at a desk at work, sit t...
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5 Spices That May Improve Blood Glucose

spices reduce blood glucose
Eating a diet rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals is going to go a long way to improve health, but scientific studies are finding some foods that may be specifically helpful to people concerned with regulating blood glucose. Those with metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, diabetes, and people who are obese need to find optimal ways to manage their blood sugar on a daily basis. Adding sp...
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