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Summer Makes Weight Loss Easier

Summer sun and fun
You might think you've missed the boat if you didn't shed those extra lbs. you were trying to lose before swimsuit season. Don't go away because there's another boat at the dock to take you to that weight loss destination. No travel or money involved! For most of us, Summer means baring more skin, enjoying more outdoor activities and perhaps taking some vacation time. These are the very things ...
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Are We Eating Ourselves Dumb?

"Learning" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by CollegeDegrees360
A diet high in saturated fat and sugar causes reduced memory and cognitive function. That means people who eat the typical American diet are at risk for reduced learning, and a reduced ability to store and use what they do learn.1 Next time you’re in the check-out line at the grocery store take a look at what people are buying. Most of the time you’ll see carts filled with breads, snack foo...
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Bodies are Designed for Movement

We love to watch sports, dance shows, and adventurous human activity because it stimulates and satisfies something very basic in human nature and design. We are born to move, and the more we move the more alive we feel. Imagine watching a forty-five-minute TV show of someone who did nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV. Maybe they get up to get some popcorn but that's about the extent of t...
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Move Beyond the Desk Job and Exercise Routine

Move beyond desk
How many hours a day do you sit? Research shows that people who stand and move more throughout the day have a reduced risk of premature aging. Standing and moving as opposed to sitting for long periods, also reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and being overweight. Have you started counting those sitting hours yet? You sit in your car driving to work, sit at a desk at work, sit t...
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Finding a Sweet Life Naturally

Naturally sweet
Imagine yourself picking berries or fruit off of trees when you desire a sweet treat. Although you may not have berry bushes or fruit trees growing in your yard, the local grocery store or farmers market will have plenty to offer. But is that what first comes to mind when you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Unfortunately, we've become conditioned to thinking of sweets in the form of...
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