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Celebrate Father’s Day in Good Health

Portrait of a father and his daughter having fun outdoors
It’s time to celebrate fathers for the life they have given us and for their unique contribution to the family. To have a father who loves you and is involved in your life is priceless. So we wish a very heartfelt HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the Dad’s out there! Here’s a gift you can give your dad if he struggles with high blood sugar, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or is just trying to cut ba...
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Finding a Sweet Life Naturally

Naturally sweet
Imagine yourself picking berries or fruit off of trees when you desire a sweet treat. Although you may not have berry bushes or fruit trees growing in your yard, the local grocery store or farmers market will have plenty to offer. But is that what first comes to mind when you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Unfortunately, we've become conditioned to thinking of sweets in the form of...
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Nutrients Needed to Turn Food into Energy

nutrient rich diet
We eat for two reasons basically, either to satisfy our taste buds or our hunger, and preferably our meals would do both. We get hungry because the body needs fuel for energy, so we seek food to replenish our energy. If life were this simple no one would have weight problems. The fact is, there are many things that have compromised the simple process of eating tasty meals to replenish energy st...
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Spring Cleaning for Your Weight and Health

It's Spring and warm weather is coming if it's not already there in your part of the world. This is probably the biggest diet and exercise season of the year as people begin to prepare for bathing suit weather and vacations. However, it can be daunting if you've experienced years of yo-yo dieting and unsuccessful exercise programs. Spring cleaning may be a more successful approach. Did you know...
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Tired of Dieting? Try Better Health

try better health
Do you feel like you've tried everything, and the results just don't last? Maybe you've bounced from one diet to another trying to find the right fit. Or maybe you've been doing all the 'right things' for a long time but getting the wrong results. Feeling like a loser when you're not losing? You may need to switch your focus to better health instead of weight loss. The struggle with weight or d...
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