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Glycemic Index

Who Says You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

We don’t recommend eating cake on a regular basis, it’s just not that healthy. But there are times when you might want to join the celebration, like a birthday or anniversary. You know that eating cake will spike your blood sugar and add extra calories that you don’t need. You know that cake will go right to your waist or hips, and possibly contribute to clogging your arteries. Still, you don’t wa...
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Watch our New Video about SugarDown

SUGARDOWN® means Smart Glycemic Health™ The makers of Sugardown are committed to helping you achieve a healthy low-carb lifestyle. Sugardown is a dietary supplement that can help to reduce the glycemic load on your blood sugar after high carb meals.  Sugar spikes after big carb meals mean more sugar and insulin in your system. That could translates into fat production in your body. Taking SUGARDO...
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Understanding the Glycemic Index:

glycemic index
The highs and lows of carbohydrate consumption The glycemic index rates foods according to how quickly they affect blood-glucose levels. Different foods have wildly different effects on blood sugar levels, and the measurement is applied only to those which contain carbohydrates. Foods with a high GI rating are generally associated with increased risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes while foods ...
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