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Those Donuts Are Making You Look Old

sugar, donuts, carbs
Not just the donuts, but any refined sugar or simple carbohydrate is contributing to wrinkles and other signs of aging. What we think of as “aging” is actually a complex process between our genetics, our biology and the environment, including the food we eat. So if you have been in search of the legendary “Fountain of Youth”, read on. You know how some people seem to retain a glow of youth long...
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How Much Sugar Can You Eat in A Day?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one simple formula that everyone could use to calculate how much sugar is safe to eat every day? That dream is not possible because there are too many variables from person to person. Your body does not necessarily function like your neighbors. Some things that have to be taken into consideration when figuring out how much sugar or carbs you can eat, are your ov...
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10 Best Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

permanent weight loss
Are you a yo-yo diet junkie? Have you tried every weight loss program out there with high hopes only to be let down? Permanent weight loss requires healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick with. It's a slower process that requires a different mindset. Many people give up too soon because they are focused on immediate results. Reversing Weight Gain If you think of weight loss as a process of ...
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Amazon Review Promo

Hey folks. Here's your chance to get SugarDown for for a BUCK! Yup, that's $1. Starting tonight (4/22/16) at midnight, we begin our Amazon Review Promo. Go to Amazon, search "sugardown", and use PROMO CODE: SDDOLLAR. Rate and Review Our Product Why are we giving it away? We need Amazon reviews. Its that simple! Get your bottle for a buck and please commit to giving us a review within 15 days of...
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The Hidden Killer – Internal Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal bodily function for fighting infection and helping the body to heal when injured. We’ve all experienced the pain and swelling from a sprained ankle, a broken bone or a black eye. A cold pack or an anti-inflammatory drug reduces the swelling and discomfort while the body starts to heal. So how does this good guy ‘Inflammation’ turn bad? When inflammation becomes invisibl...
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