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Who Says You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

cake-anniversaryWe don’t recommend eating cake on a regular basis, it’s just not that healthy. But there are times when you might want to join the celebration, like a birthday or anniversary. You know that eating cake will spike your blood sugar and add extra calories that you don’t need. You know that cake will go right to your waist or hips, and possibly contribute to clogging your arteries. Still, you don’t want to sit there and watch everyone else eat that delicious celebration dessert while you’re feeling sorry for yourself.

Food Combinations are Key to Glycemic Load

There is a better way to enjoy life while controlling the amount of processed foods, carbs and sugar that your body has to deal with. Some foods, and food combinations, actually help slow the rate of digestion or alter the impact carbs and sugars have on blood glucose.

The natural protein content of a food slows the rate of digestion, lowering the glycemic impact of that food on your blood sugar levels. A foods soluble fiber content can also lower it’s glycemic index, reducing intestinal glucose absorption. Certain acids can also help to lower the GI of some foods.

Celebrating With Style

So when you’re eating out choose a good source of protein to start with. Make sure to have a big salad or side of vegetables, and try a dressing with vinegar and olive oil or lemon juice on the vegetables. Salad and vegetables are full of fiber and the vinegar and lemon will help reduce the overall carb impact of the meal.  Eat a smaller portion of bread, grains or pasta, but do butter your bread. Have a glass of red wine or water with lemon, and maybe even a pickle on the side.

The important thing to remember is to limit your portion size. Most restaurants serve far bigger portions than we need. If you’re planning to have dessert you might want to eat half of your meal and ask for a take-home bag.

Before You Eat Cake

Since cakes are made with a lot of sugar and white flour there are 2 more tactics you can use to reduce the glycemic load of this celebratory meal.

  1. Eat 1 or 2 SUGARDOWN® tablets before your meal or before you eat dessert
  2. Eat ½ your cake and take the other half home

Learning to eat meals in a balanced way and including the ingredients that support better glucose absorption does not have to be difficult. Using SUGARDOWN® is a great way to lower the glycemic load of carbs and sugar, get more fiber and improve your digestion.


Click on the PDF below and print or save it as a reminder of foods to combine for reduced glycemic impact.

Celebrate with Lower Glycemic Impact