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Replace and Rebuild

salmon-518032_1920Step 2 – The SUGARDOWN® Plan

While using SUGARDOWN® to block carbs, you can begin to make healthier choices. Replace high carb foods with lower carb choices. Rebuild your health with a nutrient rich diet, and an exercise program that you enjoy.

  • First week: Eat as you normally would but chew 1 or 2 SUGARDOWN® tablets before high carb meals and snacks. Gradually reduce your high carb choices as you begin to feel less craving for them. Gradually replace high carb food with lower carb choices such as vegetables, fruit, and protein.
  • Second Week: Reduce your portion sizes of high carb foods and chew 1 SUGARDOWN® tablet before each meal or snack that contains carbs. For example, if you usually eat 1/2 a cup of rice at dinner, eat 1/4 cup instead.
  • Third week and beyondContinue to reduce most high carb and processed foods from your diet most of the time. Use SUGARDOWN® when you can’t avoid high carb food, or when you want an occasional treat.

Lunch_and_wineSUGARDOWN® can help you transition to a healthier lifestyle as well as maintain those new lifestyle choices for lasting results!