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Reducing Carbs in Baked Goods

Tips For Baking Wisely

Here are some tips to keep in mind when baking and considering diabetes:

* Consider using almond or soy milk in place of dairy.

* Try egg substitutes or replace some of the egg yolks with extra egg whites.

* Cut chocolate chips and other mix-ins in half, and consider swapping in nutrient-packed chopped nuts.

* Do not use margarine instead of butter. Butter has an important part in baking, and cutting out the butter will jeopardize the recipe’s texture and flavor.

* Feature fruit (carbohydrates, nutrients and fiber).

* Foods made with sugar substitutes don’t last as long as those made with sugar.

* Go for low-fat dairy ingredients (evaporated skim milk as an alternative to heavy cream, or use low-fat cream cheese or Neufchatel cheese as a substitute for full-fat cream cheese, and reduced-fat or skim milk for whole milk).

* Items baked with sugar substitutes are occasionally flatter or smaller than sugar-sweetened baked goods.

* Replace sugar with agave nectar (lower on the glycemic index than sugar, and it is also much sweeter than sugar, so you will require less).

* Sugar substitutes may create baked goods that are lighter in color rather than golden brown.

* Throw in walnuts, flax seed, and/or wheat germ to increase the healthy fats in your baked goods and to add protein.

* Try reducing the sugar in recipes by a third or a half.

* Try using whole wheat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, oats, or even flaky cereals in place of traditional white flour.

* Use sugar-free or reduced-sugar jams and jellies.

* Use unsweetened applesauce in place of oil.

* Use whole-wheat flour.

* You may taste a difference between sugar and non-sugar sweeteners. Try different sugar substitutes to find out which flavor you prefer.

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Worst Processed Foods for People Watching Carbs

Below are 10 food items that should be specifically avoided by diabetics or anyone trying to reduce carbs.

* Canned Fruit in Heavy Syrup –Filled with heavy, sugary syrup

* Chicken Nuggets –heavy breading, salt, fat, and preservatives

* Fast-Food Hamburgers – specifically oversized patties, buns, and toppings

* Foods With High-Fructose Corn Syrup (ketchup)

* French Fries – Calories

* Potato Chips –Calories, salt, and preservatives

* Processed Meats –Heavy on salt and preservatives

* Soda (even sugar-free sodas)

* Sugary Cereals – Added sugar

* White Rice, white bread and white pasta – Very little nutrition, could be loaded with preservatives

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Sugar-reduced cookies: Inulin and erythritol

Journal of Food Science published that erythritol (a sugar replacer in cookies) performed well from a processing point of view. Consumers find cookies too hard for their taste. Erythritol has better digestive tolerance than other polyols.

Replacing 25% of the sucrose in cookies with inulin did not adversely affect consumer perception of the product. Inulin possesses the advantage that may act as dietary fiber with prebiotic effects. Inulin and Erythritol may help people trying to reduce sugar in their diet but not necessarily carbs.

Short-dough cookies were prepared using inulin and erythritol to replace 25% or 50% of the sugar.

Inulin and Erythritol As Sucrose Replacers in Short-dough Cookies: Sensory, Fracture, and Acoustic Properties from Journal of Food Science

Sugar-reduced cookies: Inulin shows potential, erythritol maybe not, says study from Food Navigato


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