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Preparing Low Carb Food With Children

Most adults today grew up on a grain based diet because carbs have been the staple and standard for the past 40 or 50 years in America. Current nutrition research has shown that a lower carb, higher protein, plant based diet is healthier. It’s time to start teaching our children to how to eat in a way that will support optimum health.

Children are Curious Cooks

Children are usually very eager to learn how to prepare food and serve a meal. Starting young with small jobs works best. Young children are always curious to learn how things are done. Cooking and preparing food together can be fun and it gives kids the skills they need to become independent.

Rather than preaching about healthy food, the best way to help children make good food choices is to always have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available. Don’t tempt them with a cupboard full of easy and fast high carb snacks. If you teach them how to prepare fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals they will naturally get used to eating them and will start making those choices for themselves.

Children will learn better, feel better and sleep better

Diet has been linked to many problems such as mood disorders, sleep problems and even cognitive issues. With a healthy moderate carb, balanced protein, plant based diet children will grow strong and be able to perform better in school.

Although children can tolerate more carbs than adults because they are growing, a diet full of crackers, bread, cereal, chips and cookies is not good for anyone. Too many carbs can cause children to be moody and crave more food than they need. The ease and availability of high carb foods in America has caused an obesity epidemic for both children and adults alike. But every family has the ability to start making changes today that will improve the health and long term well being of future generations.