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Pills, pills, pills: Too many vitamins?

Pills, pills, pills: Too many vitamins?How many vitamins does a person with diabetes need? Can a person with diabetes take too many? The over-the-counter supplements you may or may not find yourself taking can really add up. Women often include estrogen pills to keep hormone levels in balance along with their daily multi-vitamin and bone-strengthening Vitamin D/Calcium supplement. There may be a sugar-free low-dose aspirin thrown into the mix, along with a salt cap if your blood pressure is low and perhaps a fish oil supplement as well.

Even if you choose each vitamin, supplement and medication carefully, consulting your doctor, considering aggregate statistics and reading Consumer Reports and FDA statements, are there side-effects from taking too much of a good thing? It is just as easy to imagine positive long term effects from these pills as it is to imagine negative outcomes. In the meantime, however, you live your life once, and unfortunately can’t test both scenarios.

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