Why B Vitamins Are Important for Weight Loss

B Vitamins
Grains, meat, eggs, beans and leafy greens; what do these foods have in common that make them an important part of your weight loss and health plan?  If you said B vitamins, you are right. These nutrients help your body metabolize carbs, protein and fat. Each B vitamin has a unique function, but they also work together to help your body use the food you eat and to manage appetite. A deficiency ...
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10 Best Tips for Permanent Weight Loss

permanent weight loss
Are you a yo-yo diet junkie? Have you tried every weight loss program out there with high hopes only to be let down? Permanent weight loss requires healthy lifestyle changes that you can stick with. It's a slower process that requires a different mindset. Many people give up too soon because they are focused on immediate results. Reversing Weight Gain If you think of weight loss as a process of ...
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Who Says You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

We don’t recommend eating cake on a regular basis, it’s just not that healthy. But there are times when you might want to join the celebration, like a birthday or anniversary. You know that eating cake will spike your blood sugar and add extra calories that you don’t need. You know that cake will go right to your waist or hips, and possibly contribute to clogging your arteries. Still, you don’t wa...
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Liver Disease on the Rise from Sugar

It used to be that liver disease was associated with alcoholism, but current studies show that too much added sugar in your diet has the same effect of corroding the liver. This is primarily due to the increasing amount of fructose in our modern diet. Don’t consider yourself safe just because you don’t consume high fructose corn syrup, almost all sugars on the market are at least in part composed ...
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Bodies are Designed for Movement

We love to watch sports, dance shows, and adventurous human activity because it stimulates and satisfies something very basic in human nature and design. We are born to move, and the more we move the more alive we feel. Imagine watching a forty-five-minute TV show of someone who did nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV. Maybe they get up to get some popcorn but that's about the extent of t...
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