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We Are Not Cave Men (or Women)

cave menWe know it’s important to eat less carbs in order to lower blood sugar and burn fat, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat a pre-historic diet. Human beings are always in a process of evolving; we don’t live like cave men now so why should we eat like a cave men (and women)?

Ketogenic diets are all the rage right now because it’s a fast way to burn fat, but the long term results have yet to be proven. It may work quite well for some people, but then most diets do in the short term. Long term results require long term planning and a diet and lifestyle you can live with.

Rhetoric or Fact?

In truth, we don’t know all there is to know about the lives of our ancient ancestors. So basing our dietary choices on what we guess worked well for them is more than a bit presumptuous. The facts we do know are that the human body needs a variety of foods that provide nutritional value, and too much of almost anything can cause weight gain.

What does your body need?

  1. Vitamins
  2. Minerals
  3. Amino Acids (protein)
  4. Fat, including some cholesterol
  5. Carbohydrates

Not enough of some food groups can make you just as sick as too much. So the important thing is to find the right balance. Eating a wide variety of colorful vegetables, fruit and berries should provide most of the vitamins and minerals you need from those sources. The question is, how much protein, fat and carbohydrate do you need?

Low Carb but Not Keto or Paleo

The amounts you actually need will be based on many factors including your height, weight, gender, and whether you want to lose weight or maintain weight, as well as your activity level. Here are 2 diets to compare that would each be healthy and suitable for different people base on their lifestyle and needs.

Low Carb Diet (not ketogenic)

Carbohydrate %25

Protein %40

Fat %35

GRAMS per day 125g 200g 77g
GRAMS per meal 41.7g 66.7g 25.7g
CALORIES per day 500 cals 800 cals 700 cals
CALORIES per meal 166.7 cals 266.7 cals 233.3 cals


Zone Diet

Carbohydrate %40

Protein %30

Fat %30

GRAMS per day 200g 150g 66g
GRAMS per meal 66.7g 50g 22g
CALORIES per day 800 cals 600 cals 600 cals
CALORIES per meal 266.7 cals 200 cals 200 cals


It may be possible to lose weight on either of these diets, but for someone with high blood sugar or wanting to burn fat, the first one would be better. For more information on percentages of fat, carbs and protein try the nutrient calculator at the link above.