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How Many Servings in Your Portion?

beef-17091_1280Most diets address the issue of portion size, specifically by cutting it down. In the USA we have become accustomed to large portions, a super-sized plate full of food. I’m hungry so more is better.

What’s driving this need for more food is empty calories that don’t really feed the body. The taste buds may crave pleasure but the body needs nourishment. By giving the body what it needs to be healthy the taste buds can be retrained to appreciate delicious and wholesome food in just the right amounts.

Use Serving Visuals to Control Portions

Food labels tell us how many servings are in the package, as well as the measurement of what equals a serving. This is where people get confused. One serving of ice cream is a half cup, but how many people eat only a half cup of ice cream? Our portions and servings don’t match.

To make sure you don’t over consume carbs and calories you need to reduce portions to match the appropriate number of servings per day. Trying to visualize a serving in cup fractions and ounces is enough to make anyone give up on a diet.

portion sizesUsing visual cues is an easier way to measure your portions. The quick reference list below can help you match your portions to proper serving sizes.

  • 1 cup = baseball
  • ½ cup = a hockey puck
  • 3 to 4 oz. = a deck of cards
  • 1 teaspoon = 1 die

These are not perfect measurements for every type of food, but it’s close enough to begin to modify your food intake. To lose weight and keep carbs, calories and sugar under control use the chart below as applied to your daily food needs.

The new balance for daily food intake

Think of this visual not as every plate of food but rather the proportion of different food types that you want to include in your daily menu. No one can tell you the exact proportions that are right for you because each person’s body and activity level are different. However, no matter who you are, the more vegetables you eat the better off you will be. Especially eat lots of green leafy and nonDaily Portion Guide starchy vegetables, and moderate amounts of grains, protein food and fruit.

The goal is always better health and more energy so you can enjoy life!

Using SUGARDOWN® before meals can also help you control portion size because the extra fiber can help you to feel full sooner so you don’t need to eat as much.