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Metabolite Concentrations Need Further Research

Linking Insulin to Learning

Did you know that metabolic syndromes are connected with certain cognitive defects and behavioral disorders (such as depression or dementia)? In addition, new studies are showing that insulin levels are closely tied to how well people learn.

Insulin has the most effect in muscle, adipose tissue and liver. There are still many studies that could be conducted to study the the role of insulin in other tissues.

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New study of metabolite concentratrations could help develop new treatments

Researchers have identified 14 new bio-markers for Type 2 diabetes which may help in the prevention and treatment of the disease. Blood samples were taken from study participants to analyze metabolites, which have bio-functions that include cellular communication and regulation as well as acting as building materials for cells and transports for energy. It’s the changes in metabolite concentrations that might indicate early risk signs for the disease.

The lead author of the study, Anna Floegel, is quoted as saying that the findings “particularly indicate a previously unknown role of phospholipids in Type 2 diabetes development. This is a first clue which should definitely be pursued.”

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