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Helpful Information for the Diabetic Community

The Cost of Diabetes

The study Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2012, commissioned by the American Diabetes Association, shows that the cost of diabetes is rising and we need to think about what we should be doing. Over the last five years, diabetes rose by 41%, which is quite a large difference. In 2012, the number was at $245 billion. In 2007, it was $174 billion. The full study is scheduled to be published in April, 2013.

The largest medical expenses include:

* hospital inpatient care (43% of the total medical cost),

* prescription medications to treat complications of diabetes (18%),

* anti-diabetic agents and diabetes supplies (12%),

* physician office visits (9%), and

* nursing/residential facility stays (8%).

iPhone / Android diabetes apps

Here is a great list of various apps that would be helpful to diabetic persons for your iPhone or Android. We hope you find these helpful:



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Is Diabetes a Disability?

Can diabetes be considered a disability? What would happen if there was an accident, would others be able to help and identify what is wrong? Here is one diabetic runner’s story about his personal challenge and dilemma.

This is a question that could be considered by both clinicians and diabetic patients. The knowledge and the understanding of the clinician empowers the patient to understand and follow the plan to attain a nearly healthy, adjusted life.

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Improving glucose levels in type 1 diabetes

Canadian Medical Association published a report that “dual-hormone artificial pancreas system” advances how glucoses levels are controlled, which can lead to decline in risks associated with hyperglycemia.

Sensor readings that are taken continuously, and are based on the intelligent dosing algorithm, allow for infusion pumps to properly deliver insulin and glucagon. What makes this process innovative is the intelligent algorithm that it is based off.

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