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Food Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

food travelingSummer vacations are on the horizon so there’s no better time to make a healthy eating plan for traveling. Whether you’re tripping by road, air or sea, for work or for fun, there’s no reason to stumble over food issues. Making a food plan will help you stay on track with your health and fitness goals and make your trip more enjoyable.

Finding healthy food options while traveling can be part of the adventure. Follow these 3 strategies to get the most out of your trip:

Pack snacks but keep it smart and simple

Make food hunting part of your cultural experience

Have a backup plan that won’t derail healthy eating habits

The Right Snacks for the Right Trip

Traveling by car is by far the easiest way to eat healthy while traveling. You can pack a small cooler with fruit, vegetables and plain yogurt as well as a box with nuts, energy bars, and veggie chips. You can even take peanut butter and whole grain bread, rice cakes or low-carb crackers.

When considering snacks look at the food label and consider the nutrition value like this: protein first, nutrients next, what kind of carbs and how many will it add to your overall food plan. Remember to also bring water because it’s really easy to get dehydrated on a road trip and that could make you fuzzy headed or sleepy – not a good way to drive.

Don’t skip meals in favor of your snacks! No matter how nutritious, snack choices are meant to be consumed in small amounts only when you need a little more fuel between meals. So don’t over pack the snacks, you can always visit a local grocery or farmers market later in your trip if you need more.

When traveling by plane you can pack your carry-on bag with non-squishy fruit like apples, dried fruit, nuts, trail mix, health bars, celery and carrot sticks. Just pack a couple snacks you like that will hold you over while on board a no meal flight. Don’t pack liquids, gels or yogurt.

You can buy a drink after going through security that you can bring onto the plane. Avoid soda and alcohol because they are dehydrating and can make jet-lag worse, so opt for water with lemon when the flight attendant offers the selection. If you want the free snack, choose the peanuts rather than chips, crackers or pretzels.

By sea or rail is a mixed bag, somewhat similar to traveling by plane. However, on a cruise you will have a wide variety of options for food, whereas on a train there may or may not be a dining car depending on how far you are going and which line you are on. It would be smart to food choices while travelingcheck the food choices ahead of time and make a plan that includes 3 nutritious meals, and you can pack one or 2 snacks for each day of travel.

It will be very tempting on a cruise to indulge in the overabundant choices of the all-you-can-eat buffets.  Fill half your plate with salad and vegetable choices, ¼ with protein choices, and ¼ with fruit or a dessert. You can try different food each day, or take very small portions of several food choices at each meal. Limiting the amount of starchy food you eat will reduce the tendency to feel bloated after a meal.  Remember, limit high glycemic snacks, don’t skip meals, limit alcohol and soda, and drink lots of water.

Food Hunting as a Cultural Experience

A family trip or a business trip can be more enjoyable when food becomes part of the education or entertainment. Even in the USA food preferences vary by region. Find out what the locals like by asking for healthy restaurant references when you stop to get gas, or visit the area’s welcome center.

People are usually really friendly and most cities and towns will have a decent restaurant that offers healthy salads, vegetables and fish, chicken or beef choices. Enjoy a little people watching while you taste the local cuisine. If you have to drive a little out of the way to find a suitable place to eat, make the scenery and the culture part of your adventure.

If you’re staying in a hotel or motel for more than one night, consider getting a suite with a kitchenette. Check out the local grocery store or better yet, a farmers’ market. You will have the greatest control over your food when you purchase and cook it yourself, and you will probably save money this way as well.

Many hotels also have a concierge who can fill you in on the local food scene. Just tell them exactly what you are looking for in food choices and price range when you ask for a recommendation. Alternately, you can look online yourself and then ask if a particular restaurant is a good choice.food traveling

Check out these Apps for local food choices:


Food Tripping


What’s Your Backup Plan?

Not having a backup plan is the easiest way to lose control of your health goals while vacationing. Instead of giving up and throwing caution to the wind, decide how to deal with limited time, unhealthy food options at rest stops, and temptations before they happen. You can even decide how to manage the occasional treat or indulgence ahead of time.

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Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water and get some exercise every day to keep your mind and body energized so you can enjoy your adventure!