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Exercise that Fits Your Life

Your life is unique to you so your exercise style should also be individually tailored to your personality and body type. Many people have trouble sticking to an exercise routine. Some of the reasons could be boredom or that the exercise is just not a good fit. Do you know what type of exercise is a good fit for you?

Discovering the Right Fit

Just because you liked to play tennis or go surfing when you were a teenager does not mean that those activities will fit your lifestyle now. You have to take many factors into consideration when deciding to become more active. What you would enjoy is a very important consideration, but if an activity is beyond your exertion or skill level then you probably wont enjoy it. Below are a few things to consider when deciding on a new exercise program.

  • Is it easily accessible? Don’t join a gym that’s far away or decide to start tennis lessons if you have to drive miles to get to a court. Think of something that will fit into your life easily in terms of time, money, and preparation, to lessen the obstacles that might hold you back.
  • How fit or unfit are you currently? No matter how unfit you might be there is always a way to begin to move more, to increase your daily activity.
  • Would you prefer to use equipment or videos in the privacy of your home or do you need a group environment or support from trainers?
  • Do you need an exercise buddy to keep you accountable and make the exercise more fun?
  • How much time and money are you willing to invest in your exercise needs. (You don’t have to spend money to exercise, walking is free.)
  • What do you think you would enjoy doing?

Some other considerations might be related to the climate or community where you live as well as your present energy level and stamina. The time of day that you have energy or openness in your schedule is also important. These are all factors that can sabotage the most well intended exercise goals.

Find a Starting point

A good place to start is by increasing the amount you move and walk during your normal daily activities. Another beginning point would be to talk to friends and family members about supporting your exercise goals, maybe they would like to join you. If you want to get back in shape after being inactive for a long time it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor and have a physical.

Another important starting point is finding the internal motivation that works for you. It’s not enough to just ‘know you should’. Guilt and shame are not good motivators in the long run even though they might work initially. To be able to keep going your motivation has to b positively associated with how you view yourself and your life. You have to believe that you have the power to make your life better and that some type of exercise will help.

Be realistic short term and plan long term

Maybe you have a long term goal of biking across the USA. What are the steps you can take right now that will increase the possibility of fulfilling that goal? Maybe your goal is not so lofty, perhaps you just want better health. Envision what better health means to you, what would you do if your health condition was not an obstacle? What are the small steps you can take today to improve your health?

One person’s starting place might be taking a walk, another might use weights or exercise bands at home, while still another might begin by lowering their carb intake and increasing the amount of low glycemic fruits and vegetables they eat. Eating a lower carb diet that’s high in nutrition has the tendency to increase energy and improve mood, making it easier to stick to any exercise plan.