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Being the Life of the Party

Some people seem to be vibrant and have endless energy. They almost glow, are always smiling, and have a knack for conversation. Almost anyone can enjoy being around a person who is happy and makes others feel at ease.

Certainly personality plays a major role in causing some to be more socially lively than others. However, good health can also play a role. When you are healthy you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. So even if you are an introvert you will be more likely to have energy and smile if you are healthy.

Food is Connected to Emotions

When a baby is hungry it cries. It’s an emotional experience right from the beginning. When the baby has been fed it feels loved and cared for. We actually can not completely separate food from our emotions because it naturally fills both a physical and emotional need.

Good food, healthy food, fills both needs better than high carb low nutrition food. Your body feels less satisfied and becomes hungry more quickly when on a diet of highly processed foods. The energy you get from that kind of food doesn’t last long, leaving you looking for more fuel. This is not just a viscous cycle physically but it also messes with your mental and emotional state of being.

Energize yourself with a lower carb lifestyle

It can be hard to change your diet and lifestyle. That’s why Boston Therapeutics has created a natural product to help in the process of learning to live well on fewer carbs. Taking SugarDown tablets before higher carb meals can actually help your body learn to want less carbs. You can train your body, mind and emotions to desire the healthy food that’s going to give you more energy and a vibrant glow.