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Does Eating Make You Tired?

ChineseHow do you feel after going to a Chinese Buffet or a Mexican Fiesta? Although the food is delicious and filling, most people experience tiredness or a loss of energy after high carb meals like these. It’s hard not to eat a lot of carbs when the classic dishes include a base of rice and wraps, corn tortillas and beans.

A little bit of tiredness after meals is normal as your body works to digest your food. However, excessive tiredness can be due to many factors including diabetes, anemia, food intolerance, under active thyroid, Celiac disease, or the type of food, to name a few. If you notice greater tiredness after high carb meals you might consider the problem related to blood sugar.

Your Body on Excess Carbs

High carb meals trigger an insulin response to deal with the high load of sugar in your blood. The body’s insulin response to the excess sugar in your blood can drive sugar levels below normal leaving you fatigued after meals, wanting something sweet to bring you back “up”. This creates a cycle of sugar-crashes and spikes, resulting in more cravings and eating, adding body fat with each cycle.
Reducing the amount of carbs you eat at each meal can prevent this unhealthy roller-coaster ride of blood sugar highs and lows. That doesn’t mean you have to give up Chinese Buffets or Mexican food. You can make healthier choices within those menus that focus on more vegetables and protein and skipping the rice and tortillas. However, beware of the sauces, especially in Chinese food as they may also contain sleep inducing elements.

Reducing Carbohydrate Impact

Carbohydrates are part of a healthy diet, but it’s the amount of carbs we need that’s in question. Carbohydrate consumption is not a one-size-fits-all formula. How your body deals with carbs is influenced by many factors including lifestyle and other health conditions. If you suspect that you may have a blood sugar problem you should see a health professional.
Reducing carbohydrates in your meals can be done in several ways:
  1. Avoiding starchy and sugary food because they are high in carbs
  2. Reducing your portion size of high carbohydrate food
  3. Eating more protein and fiber with your carbohydrate foods
  4. Using a carb blocker such as the SUGARDOWN® chewable dietary supplement

To get a well balanced nutrient rich diet it can be beneficial to use all four of these methods. Avoid starchy and sugary foods as much as possible by eating more low glycemic vegetables and fruit with moderate amounts of protein such as fish, eggs and lean meats. If you choose to eat rice, bread or pasta with your meals reduce your portion size to a quarter cup or one slice of bread. If you feel you can’t significantly reduce the carb impact of the meal, chew 2 SUGARDOWN® tablets before or during your meal.

Enjoying Life

A friend took me out for lunch yesterday to a very nice Chinese restaurant. I had a SUGARDOWN® ‘Go Tube’ in my purse which allowed me to accept his kind invitation without having to request a different restaurant or be too picky about the menu. Chewing 2 SUGARDOWN® tablets before ordering allowed me to eat with peace of mind, enjoy the conversation, and not feel lethargic afterward.