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Don’t Trade Good Nutrition for Fewer Calories

salad-374173_1920It seems like January is national diet month. Almost everyone makes a resolution to lose those extra pounds gained during the holidays. Unfortunately, for the past 40 years the diet industry has focused on a ‘calories in/calories out’ mentality for losing weight. However, calories are only part of the picture.

It is true that if you consistently eat more calories than you can use for energy you will gain weight. However, there is another factor that might be driving your calorie consumption and that is a lack of good nutrition. If your body is not getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats then you may feel hungry more often even if you are consuming a lot of calories.

Salad VS Potato Chips

On the other hand, when you focus on good nutrition your body will feel satisfied longer. Compare eating a bag of potato chips to a small chef salad with ranch dressing. Which will keep your hunger at bay longer? Which would be a better choice for a snack or small meal?

Nutrition Info: Potato Chips – grab bag Small Chef Salad w/Ranch
Calories 274 200
Fat 18.7g 13g
Carbs 24.87g 7
Protein 3.28 7
Vit. A 0% 110%
Vit. C 16% 40%
Calcium 1% 10%
Iron 4% 6%

The potato chips have more of what you don’t need on a weight loss diet – calories, fat and carbs, and less of what is good for you – protein, vitamins and minerals. Even if the chef salad were slightly larger and had more calories than the potato chips it would still be a better choice for a small meal or snack.

Change your grab & go choices

One of the biggest problems in sticking to a healthy diet or a weight loss diet is dealing with the need for quick and easy choices. Fast Food has become part of the American lifestyle, something that we have become accustomed to and take for granted. With the growth of Fast Food chains and convenience foods Americans have become overweight and undernourished.

Next time you stop to gas up your car will you grab a bag of potato chips to snack on or look for a healthier choice? You may not want to eat a salad while driving, but even in a convenience store there are better choices than chips. Look for hard boiled eggs, yogurt, a protein bar, nuts or a piece of fruit. A better option is to keep a stash of healthy snacks that you like in your car.