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Diet Soda – Not on a Nutrient Rich Diet

Do you drink diet soda to replace sugar sweetened soda or juice drinks? Maybe you think the reduction in calories and carbs are worth the health risks associated with artificial sweeteners. There is always a lot of opinion and controversy around dietary issues, weighing the pros and cons of what we eat and drink. Nutritional science continues to try to identify the pluses and minuses to various...
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We Are Not Cave Men (or Women)

cave men
We know it’s important to eat less carbs in order to lower blood sugar and burn fat, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat a pre-historic diet. Human beings are always in a process of evolving; we don’t live like cave men now so why should we eat like a cave men (and women)? Ketogenic diets are all the rage right now because it’s a fast way to burn fat, but the long term results have yet to be ...
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Does Eating Make You Tired?

How do you feel after going to a Chinese Buffet or a Mexican Fiesta? Although the food is delicious and filling, most people experience tiredness or a loss of energy after high carb meals like these. It's hard not to eat a lot of carbs when the classic dishes include a base of rice and wraps, corn tortillas and beans. A little bit of tiredness after meals is normal as your body works to digest ...
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