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Carb Blocking

Step 1 – Safe Carbohydrate Blocking

SUGARDOWN® is safe because it works in a “Non-Systemic” way, which means that it does not effect your body’s systems to get results. Because it targets the food you eat (by blocking the effects of carbs) and not your body, it is safer than other Carbohydrate Blocking alternatives. SUGARDOWN® has no unsafe side-effects and no known drug interaction.

Sugardown 60 chewable tabletsSUGARDOWN® is now available as a natural, convenient and chewable dietary supplement that is taken before carbohydrate-containing meals to reduce the absorption of glucose from the intestinal tract. Order Here

Can SUGARDOWN® help me lose weight?

YES! SUGARDOWN® reduces the impact of high glycemic foods. Since SUGARDOWN® reduces the amount of sugar available for absorption into the bloodstream, it can support weight management. In addition, SUGARDOWN® induces satiety, or a feeling of fullness, which helps you maintain a healthy diet plan.

SUGARDOWN® works in the gastrointestinal tract, blocking the enzymes that degrade carbohydrates in food, thus reducing the available glucose for absorption into the bloodstream. Because less glucose (sugar) is available to the body, less can be stored by the body.

Weight Loss Plan

It is best to follow a lower carb, higher protein, plant based diet, drink plenty of fluids and exercise regularly in order to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Using SUGARDOWN® when it is difficult to avoid high carb foods will help you maintain a weight loss diet.

No clinical trials have been conducted to validate SUGARDOWN® as a weight loss product, however customers have reported weight loss while using SUGARDOWN® to assist in blood sugar management.

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