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Burn Fat Now! Does it Work Long Term?

temptedIf you’ve struggled with weight problems you’ve probably been tempted to try many diets and exercise programs. Every time your hopes are high because you think you’ve found something that will work. The new diet or gym membership starts off well and you lose 10 lbs, you feel encouraged, but then you hit a wall. You’re doing the same things but you’re not losing anymore. What’s wrong?

Lose Weight Gradually to Keep it Off

You can lose weight quickly on almost any new diet or exercise program, but after the first week or two your body adjusts for the changes you’ve made and your progress slows down. As progress slows so does your resolve, and eventually you give up. This is known as the Yo-Yo diet cycle and it’s cause is physical, mental and emotional. Exercise programs can have a similar cycle.

Most doctors will tell you that a gradual but steady weight loss method will create longer lasting results. However, most people are too impatient to stay motivated while losing only 2.5 to 5 lbs. a month. But weight problems are usually related to lifestyle habits that were created over a long period of time, so it makes sense that it would also take time to create new habits and patterns to both lose the weight and keep it off.

Start with Phase 2 – Maintenance

Many diets begin with a drastic Phase 1 weight loss plan aimed at losing pounds quickly. After reaching your goal you then have to adopt a maintenance plan which is a little more liberal than the diet, but it’s meant to help you keep your new slimmer physique. The problem with this is that the fast weight loss was exciting but it didn’t create new lifestyle habits. When you slow down to maintenance mode those old habits begin to creep back in and so does the weight.

This is actually a backward process. It would be better to start by changing your thoughts and feelings about your body, and changing your lifestyle. Weight loss would follow as a process of adjusting to the new healthy mental, physical and emotional habits you would be developing. Weight loss is not the goal, it’s the process; the goal is good health and a balanced lifestyle.

Education and Emotions are Key Factors

What you’ve learned, what you haven’t learned, and your emotional responses to food and life are all mixed up in a tangled web. It’s not your fault, but you are the only one who can do anything weightabout your present circumstances. Think of it like an accident that you have to recover from, it will take a lot of mental and emotional determination, learning new things, and time to develop a new way of life. There is no quick fix.

Getting beyond the quick fix idea is the first step to recovery. The next step is learning how your body works and what it really needs, and how your emotions affect your decisions. A new understanding both intellectually and emotionally will spur you into action, making the lifestyle changes that are necessary to recover optimum health.

SUGARDOWN supports the gradual process

You can use SUGARDOWN to just block carbs and prevent post meal blood sugar spikes, or you can use it to help your process of long term change. It’s your choice. SUGARDOWN can be one of the tools that helps you discover how your body feels when less carbs are digested, so you can make the decision to eat less carbs. It can also help you feel the difference of a higher non-gluten fiber diet, ¬†which can be the motivation you need to start choosing lots of low-glycemic vegetables and fruits instead of high carb starches.

When these dietary changes take effect you may notice that you feel more energy so you actually have the desire to exercise or be more active. If you are getting good nutrition, the right balance of protein, carbs, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and you are managing stress – then you are on your way to a brand new lifestyle!