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Blood Sugar Symptoms and Solutions

2 Ways to keep your blood sugar steady

Many people with blood sugar problems struggle with making their blood sugars staying consistent. Sugar crashes can restrict our work and life, sometimes even safety of ourselves or those around us. Throughout history, doctors have given patients advice and here are a few tips that were originally published in Mind Body Green. We hope you find these useful.

1) Don’t forget to eat a healthy balanced breakfast to start your day off on the right foot. Remember to include proteins, “eggs, a protein shake, or oatmeal.”

2) Think about your day and how you plan accordingly and when you will eat your meals and what those meals will consist of. With lunch, again have proteins and vegetables. Dinner leftovers can serve as the next day’s lunch. Think about storing healthy snacks near you so you don’t jump for a “quick fix”

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High blood sugar may cause noticeable symptoms

High blood sugar may cause symptoms that are noticeable. The most common symptoms of diabetes are frequently feeling thirsty, urinating often, losing weight, feeling tired, blurred vision or a change in eye sight and having sores that heal slowly.

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Diabetes Tips: Things to Avoid When Blood Sugar is Low

There are a few activities that should be avoided when blood sugar levels are low:

1) Grocery shopping – Because cravings are too hard to resist.

2) Driving – There have been many terrible car accidents.

3) Exams – Most schools have special programs for students.

4) Socialize – Because you hate being asked “Are you ok?”

5) Exercise – You need carbohydrates to get through the routine.

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