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Blood Sugar Levels Linked to Brain Shrinkage


High blood sugar and diabetes are known to bring many potential negative health consequences. The Australian study posted below found those with high blood sugar levels tended to have shrinking in brain areas linked to memory, dementia and emotional processing. Those persons who have higher normal blood glucose level have 6 to 10 percent more chances to have brain shrinkage.

The new study suggested controlling blood sugar levels could boost cognitive health in people who do not have diabetes. Participants included in the study consisted of 249 men and women with no diabetes aged 60 to 64 were considered normal under guidelines set by the World Health Organization. It is important to consider controlling blood glucose.

Please read the study here by NHMRC of Australia and the Australian Rotary Health Research Fund

How the brain protects itself from low blood sugar discovered (Video) from the Examiner

Does sugar cause diabetes?

It is a common myth that diabetes is caused by sugar. However, the real reason why diabetes forms is because of insulin or if there is not enough. However, just because diabetes is not cause by candies does not mean that we should have as much sugar as we want.

Here are a few tips:

* Dates are another deliciously sweet, natural source of sugar.

* Dried fruits are another option, and make an addition to granola, cookies and even savory dishes like tagine.

* Fresh fruits are an obvious choice when seeking natural sweetness.

* Try to avoid or reduce your consumption of products containing processed sugar.

* Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, yams, beets and carrots are highly nutritious sources of natural sugars.

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Diabetes and bedtime blood sugars

How do you best your regulate sugar levels at night time? Regulating blood sugars at night time can increase safety and help people with diabetes sleep better at night time.

Most people will wake up if something is wrong with their sugar levels. Indicators may include strange sensations, “fast heart rate, hunger, sweating, or a general feeling of restlessness.” However, some people do not get the symptoms, which may be dangerous and result in loss of consciousness or seizures. With bedtime blood sugars confusion may be heightened more than during the daytime.

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