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Balancing Life, Diet and Desire

food desireIt’s hard to change habits, and daily activities and meals are definitely habit driven. Desire and habit are the driving forces that create lifestyle. So when you need to make lifestyle changes to improve your health you will have to battle desire and habit in the process.

The only way to win over desire is to have a greater desire. Which do you love more; your pastries and fast food or your health? Answering that question is not as simple as it sounds, because we have created habits based on our desires. Also, the desire for something sweet or tasty has a tangible and pleasurable short term result, making it a very difficult habit to break.

Change Causes Stress Causes Weight Gain

Any type of major life change causes stress and that includes dietary and exercise changes. It is well known that stress contributes to weight gain, so the diet and exercise changes you try to make can actually sabotage their purpose if they become too stressful. This is why a lot of diets fail or don’t bring results after the initial 10 lb. weight loss.

This battle between desire, habit and stress is one reason why doctors recommend gradual weight loss based on improving the diet with proper nutrition and controlling carbs, as well as a gradual increase in activity. A low stress way to support dietary changes is by using SUGARDOWN® before high carb meals. Using SUGARDOWN® can help keep blood sugar stable throughout the day, which reduces the tendency to snack or overeat.

The Greater Desire is Now

Another way that you can sabotage your lifestyle changes is by wanting them to happen NOW! Sometimes the greater desire to lose weight fast or become more fit quickly can propel you past the stress of making the initial changes, but it’s always difficult to make these fast changes last.

A safer and more long term approach to making dietary and exercise changes is to educate yourself about what your body really needs to thrive and be healthy. Give yourself time to learn about new foods you might enjoy and new ways of increasing fun activity in your daily life.

Support for Gradual Change

Gradual changes are more likely to bring long term results, but they are also more difficult to stick with in an unsupportive environment. It’s support for better healtha good idea to find friends or family members who share your health goals and are willing to be part of your support system. Planning meals, food shopping, cooking, exercising and having fun together with people who care about you can provide the power that breaks the desire, habit, stress cycle that usually sabotages your best intentions.

SUGARDOWN® can also be a support and resource for helping you stick with a lower carb eating plan. Avoid the impact of hidden carbs by using SUGARDOWN® when you eat out, or anytime you need to reduce the impact of carbs and sugar in your diet. The SUGARDOWN® Blog and our Social Networks are also here to provide good health, nutrition and lifestyle information for anyone striving to live a balanced and healthy life.
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