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Manage Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

diet-398613_1920The chewable SUGARDOWN® tablet is a carbohydrate blocking dietary supplement made with natural ingedients. It can be used to support both weight loss and for managing blood sugar levels. Listed below are some of the ways that chewing SUGARDOWN® tablets before your high carb meals can help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Support

  1. Less carbohydrates are turned into glucose, so less carbs are stored as fat
  2. Less carbohydrates are digested, so less calories are consumed
  3. Naturally trains your body to prefer a lower carb diet
  4. The fiber in SUGARDOWN® causes you to feel full more quickly, allowing you to reduce portion size naturally
  5. Less carb intake can increase energy making it easier to exercise

Using SUGARDOWN® over time allows your body to adjust to a lower carb intake, which will result in less cravings for carbs. It can help you begin and maintain a lower carb healthy lifestyle without feeling the side effects of making a drastic dietary change. You wont feel deprived of the foods you love while you are gradually changing the way you eat.

Helping you create a healthy lifestyle

SUGARDOWN can be used everyday with each meal, or only when needed to reduce the impact of high carb foods. Some other benefits of using this unique dietary supplement are:

  • Less feelings of deprivation
  • Elimination of toxins through the bowel is improved
  • Easier to maintain a healthy weight without dieting

Of course, you should eat nutritious food in normal proportions as much as possible. No one can lose weight eating excessive amounts of unhealthy food. Although SUGARDOWN® can reduce the impact of excessive carbs, it does not block all carbs and it is not a substitute for nutritious food.

When used properly SUGARDOWN® can support your weight loss and weight maintenance goals by helping you consume less carbohydrates, less calories, and feel less cravings for high carb food while increasing your ability to make healthy food choices.

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