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3 Easy Steps

Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels and Weight

shoes-791044_1920SUGARDOWN® can be used to support a healthy lifestyle by supporting your weight management plan and healthy blood sugar levels. SUGARDOWN® has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the amount of available sugar released from carbohydrate foods and drinks, and it’s easy and safe to use. Here’s how:

Step 1: Carbohydrate Blocking

When you chew one or two SUGARDOWN® tablets before high carb meals, snacks or drinks, it can block  a significant amount of the carbs from turning into glucose. This reduces the calories you consume. Your body will adjust to a lower carb diet before you change your diet. SUGARDOWN® is derived from galactomannan which acts by blocking the key carbohydrate-cutting enzymes including amylase, maltose, lactose and sucrose in the gastrointestinal tract. It also acts to bind to ingested complex carbohydrates and slow their absorption with each meal thereby reducing after-meal sugar spikes which has been shown to improve glycemic control.

Step 2: Replace & Rebuild

While using SUGARDOWN®, you can begin to make healthier choices. SUGARDOWN® may help you to transition from high carb foods to healthier carb choices. Rebuild your health with a nutrient rich diet and exercise program.

Step 3: Healthy Lifestyle

Maintain both healthy weight and blood sugar naturally without stress. Now that you’re accustomed to a lower carb diet, you can use SUGARDOWN® to reduce the impact of carbs only when you can’t make lower carb choices, or when you want to splurge on a treat. Sticking to a nutrient rich diet and exercise program becomes easy because it makes you feel so good!

Long Term Results

Gradual weight loss through changing lifestyle habits is proven to produce the best long term results. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels can support your health and fitness goals.  You can lose weight quickly on any diet but to keep the weight off you have to change the way you eat and live. SUGARDOWN® helps support those changes.

Try It Today!

Sugardown 60 chewable tabletsOrder a bottle today and receive a free GO TUBE with 10 extra tablets. It’s a refillable tube that you can carry in your pocket or purse for those ‘on the go’ times when your lower carb food choices are limited. Order HERE